Sports Movement Assessment

This in-depth analysis of functional movement, posture and performance will give us the information needed to create a specific plan of care for you to reach and surpass your goals.

Our strength is in the attention to details.

Screens are valuable because they provide information at the start of the season before workloads are ramped up to full throttle.

We will analyze possible biomechanical faults, mobility limitations, and muscular insufficiencies that contributed to your injury. Using our results, we can create a custom rehabilitation program that addresses these issues and targets a solution.

How Do We Do It?

Functional Movement Screen: The Functional Movement Screen is a series of basic human movement patterns used by sports medicine professionals for athletes and the general population alike. Research has shown that asymmetries and major deficiencies discovered in the FMS will lead to increased pain and injury as well as compromise the body’s ability to move efficiently.  Our program is designed to reverse these dysfunctional movement patterns through corrective exercise techniques.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment: The SFMA performed by physical therapists to measure the status of movement-pattern related pain and dysfunction using bodily regional interdependent movement to aggravate symptoms, expose the limitations and dysfunctions. 

It uses a series of movements to identify possible dysfunctions. The purpose of the SFMA is to assess the quality of the movements; it is not about how many repetitions the person can perform, but rather the quality of the movement pattern. The SFMA helps to expose possible asymmetries and pathological movements patterns, as the root cause of a painful problem. This will in turn, help guide a treatment plan to restore pain-free movement and function.

Postural Analysis: A picture is worth a thousand words.  Upon your first visit with the Serenity Medical Centers Team, you will take your before picture which will be used to track your progress.  Our program is designed to improve your posture while decreasing pain and stress.  Our corrective strategies will have you feel better than ever. You will leave each training session moving freely and standing taller with more confidence than ever before!

Orthopedic Assessment: All athletes experience some degree of injury from time to time.  In fact, the # 1 predictor of a future athletic injury is a previous injury!  At Serenity Medical Centers, one of our skilled staff will review your injury history carefully, assess your movement, and take you through a joint by joint assessment making sure everything is moving and functioning as it should.  If there is a problem, we will find it, and design a custom program and intervention strategy specifically for you, arming you with not only the education you need, but a first class support system as well.

Performance Evaluation:  The staff at Serenity Medical Centers will assess your performance from every angle to test your abilities in the specific demands of your sport.  This evaluation will be largely based on your individual goals and needs, whether they are to enhance your athletic performance or to improve your overall health.


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