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Injury Treatment Options For All Your Needs

At Serenity Medical Centers, we offer a variety of service options. Our team will create an individualized treatment plan for your needs. To learn more about what we offer, please view our featured treatment options below.

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Two Convenient Locations In Austin & San Antonio, Texas.

At our offices, you will always be greeted with a smile and treated with utmost dignity and respect. Our offices utilize state-of-the-art therapies focused on the restoration of function. At Serenity Medical Centers, your voice will always be heard. 

We love our patients, so feel free to stop by to take a facility tour and to schedule your appointment during normal business hours.

A Team of Accredited Providers

Our Team Promises to Work diligently to address your needs.

Dr. Helo Chen and his team of assistants and therapists are passionate about helping each of our patients on their journey to success. With over 21 years of medical experience, Dr. Chen and the team at Serenity Medical Centers are here for you – every step of the way.

A Team of Accredited Providers

Our Team Promises to Work diligently to address your needs.

The Expert Team At Serenity Medical Centers Is Dedicated To Your Success.

We are here with you every step of the way!

Injury Specialist Physician

Dr. Helo Chen, DO

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician

Dr. Neelam Misra, MD

Physician Assistant

David Zolezzi, PA-C

The Promise We Make To Our Patients

What Sets Us Apart?

With every patient that walks into our office, we strive to treat them as if they were family.

We are experts in non-surgical, musculoskeletal, and rehabilitative medicine.

With decades of experience in regenerative medicine, our physicians are ready to assist.

Our offices offer FDA-compliant use of regenerative stem cell processing.

Promoting your overall health and well-being with our individualized, multi-disciplinary approach.

On-site PRP lab with improved cell counts to maximize outcomes.

Our Care Philosophy

Patients Love Our Gentle Approach.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive approach to patient care using the latest technology. We are experienced and trusted by our patient base and strive to educate and inform.


Austin Location:

San Antonio Location: 210-892-3811

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