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Post Covid Rehab

Post Covid Rehab services offered in Austin and San Antonio, TX

You struggle through COVID, only to realize that the disease left you too weak to function. Or you may have debilitating symptoms that linger long after the virus goes away. In both cases, you can improve your health and accelerate your recovery with COVID rehab from Helo Chen, DO, and the skilled team at Serenity Medical Centers. The sooner you start rehab, the faster you can get back to your active lifestyle. To learn more, call the Austin or San Antonio, Texas office or request an appointment online today.

Post Covid Rehab Q&A

Who might need COVID rehab?

Anyone who gets COVID may need rehabilitation because the disease has such a widespread effect on your body, including your lungs, heart, and muscles. However, the people most likely to need rehabilitation are those who had severe illness and spent time in the hospital and people living with so-called long COVID.

About one-third of people diagnosed with COVID have serious symptoms that last for months after the virus clears out of their body. This describes long COVID, and it can occur even if your COVID was asymptomatic (without symptoms) or caused only a mild illness.

COVID causes severe muscle loss and weakness, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and ongoing body aches. As a result, people have a hard time walking, eating, and dressing, and they may tire so easily that they can only stay active for a short time.

When COVID has such a significant impact, rehabilitation in the form of physical therapy can restore your health and wellness and give you the ability to return to work, take care of your family, and get back to living.

What signs indicate I may need COVID rehab?

Severe fatigue and muscle weakness are two of the top signs you need COVID rehab. You may not be able to fulfill your responsibilities at work, or perhaps you have trouble getting around the house. Or you might stop engaging in recreational activities, finding that a leisurely walk or gardening takes more energy than you have.

You may notice more subtle signs. For example, you may drag yourself through cooking dinner, shopping, or doing housework, wondering why you’re so exhausted.

Any new problem or ongoing symptoms that you didn’t have before COVID are red flags that you may need rehabilitation.

What should I expect during COVID rehab?

COVID rehab primarily includes physical therapy. But if you have a hard time dressing, showering, or performing other specific functions, you may need occupational therapy.

Physical therapy uses a wide range of modalities to ease aches and pains, improve your balance and restore muscle strength and mobility, whether in your arms, legs, or core.

During your physical therapy, you may need endurance training to improve your aerobic capacity, helping to heal residual problems in your lungs and heart. 

Your physical therapy regimen can also include work- or sport-specific skills, giving you the strength and training you need to enjoy a full life again.

To learn more about COVID rehab, call Serenity Medical Centers or book an appointment online today.