State Work Compensation

Texas Workers Compensation Doctors

The workers compensation doctors at Serenity Medical Centers in Austin and San Antonio, TX, offer several treatments and therapies for individuals who have been injured at work or while performing work-related duties. We also have expert case managers that offer free claims assistance so that you can make sure your claim is filed correctly and that you can receive all the injury care and compensation that you deserve.


We help you navigate through the state workers’ compensation system if you have been injured on-the-job or have an occupational disease.

At Serenity Medical Centers, our workers compensation doctors and experienced staff can help you with the proper documentation and accurate paperwork you will need to properly file your Texas workers compensation claim.
To learn more about our experience in treating workers compensation injury, or to get started with your free claims assistance, call us at 512-952-0349.

If You File Your Claim Incorrectly, You Could Lose Your Benefits… We Can Help!

State Work Compensation

Our workers’ compensation doctors provide the following:

  • Free Claims Assistance
  • Examination and Evaluation
  • Continued Process Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Comprehensive Work Injury Care


State Work Compensation

FYI On Work Injury and Workers’ Compensation

Most estimates say that almost 5,000,000 US workers are injured every single year while performing duties and responsibilities associated with their employment. These work-related injuries often affect the back, neck, arms, legs, head, eyes, shoulders, and skin (burns), but they can affect other parts of the body, as well, including the brain (stress and anxiety). In most cases, these injuries occur because of workplace hazards such as equipment or machinery failure, excessive exposure, insufficient training, and poor ergonomics.

Employees who have experienced such an injury are entitled to seek workers compensation benefits that include wage replacement and medical coverage for injury care and treatment.